Television for absolute beginners

Television for absolute beginners


ducktv animations, cartoons and miniseries bring fun and entertainment for the littlest TV viewers. With sheep Shippi and its friend pink elephant Sappi they can enjoy the fun on roller skates. Hubbi and his friends show how to craft at home. Without advertisement interruption broadcasting many other funny stories 24/7.


Stories, produced under the supervision of child psychologists, meet all requirements of babies after 3 months of age. Big eyes, slow or quick moves completed with music help children to develop their cognitive capabilities. Popular characters teach babies to know numbers. Little fox friend helps to understand groups. Recognizing colours is easy with Colour magic series. In a fun way your baby will be able to know new pals, exotic animals and visit thousands of magic places in the world.


Is your baby distressed and upset? Series oriented on relaxation will calm your baby down. Slow movements and smooth nice music helps viewers lull, get easily asleep and just relax.

ducktv is

  • wholesome, educative, amusing and relaxing programming;
  • all products produced under supervision of child psychologists;
  • absolutely non-violent content;
  • no commercials or advertisements;
  • broadcasting 24/7;
  • strong, educational characters focused on fun, help and relaxation;
  • easily watchable figurative animations and mini-cartoons;
  • helps to develop the visual and auditory abilities of toddlers.